At JML Paper & Waste Corporation, this is our second generation in trading business. With strategic alliance and association with individual and companies with experience of 20 years in this trade, we have great sales force spread all over India. We are always open to new opportunities and are always interested to receive offers from supplier of waste paper across globe and are always in the market to
facilitate paper mills to source internationally. Our main markets are USA, Europe, & Far East.

We believe in giving the best services and do business very transparently between our buyers and our principals and constantly work in the best interests of both.

Our Product Range include Waste Paper, Pulp and Stock Lot.

The pulp and paper industry is one of the oldest in India. Today there are about 550 paper mills in India, using a variety of raw materials ranging from forest-based wood to agricultural residues such as wheat straw, rice straw, and bagasse to waste paper. Approximately 35% are based on chemical pulp, 44% on recycled fiber and 21% on agro-residues.
Dating back more than a century, the paper industry is one of India 's oldest industries. Production was moderate at the beginning of the 20th century. By 1993 Indian paper production had risen to 2.4 million tones per year, as a result of the increasing emphasis on literacy. Demand for paper is likely to increase at a much faster rate in the future. The operating capacity of the industry currently stands at approx 9.3 million tons.

India is almost self-sufficient in manufacture of most varieties of paper and paperboards. Import, however, is confined only to certain specialty papers. To meet part of its raw material needs the industry has to rely on imported wood pulp and waste paper.

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